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Only the best Pipe brands use our products because of our professional work.

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Our technology has a legacy of more than 15 years, we are confident of all our products.

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All our products have proven reliable in the industry and we continue the same tradition.

Pipe Joining Rubber Lubricant - Disha Range of Products

Pipe Joining Rubber Lubricant - Disha Range of Products

DISHA® solvent cement and accessories are required to customers in diverse fields such as construction, agriculture, swimming pools, spas, automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing. The products are designed for use by skilled individuals, at their own risk. When you use DISHA® products, rest assured you are using the highest quality products commercially available. So insist on DISHA& reg adhesive products only.

Its products include uPVC Medium Duty Solvent Cement, uPVC Heavy Duty Solvent Cement, CPVC Solvent Cement, PVC Solvent Cement, Pipe Joining Rubber Lubricant, Cleaners and Primers, Rubber Sealing Ring, P.T.F.E Tape, Silicone Sealant and Crystal Short/Long Body PVC Taps

The solvent cemented connection in uPVC pipe and fittings is the last vital link in a plastic pipe installation. It can mean the success or failure of the system as a whole. Accordingly, it requires the same professional care and attention that is given to other components of the system.

Each DISHA formulation has been developed for a specific application and is subject to the strictest quality control program in the industry.