Yellow CPVC Solvent Cement


Disha Heavy Duty Premium Yellow CPVC Solvent Cement


A heavy-bodied high strength, medium setting, CPVC solvent cement formulated for application in joining Smaller CPVC piping systems schedule 40 and 80 1/2″ through 2″ inches.

We recommend using DISHA PRIMER prior to cementing CPVC pipe and fittings as CPVC Pipes are specially designed for high-temperature uses. Recommended application temperature 40°F to 100°F.

Thick formula fills gaps in the large diameter pipe and loose fitting joints.

To ensure 100% leak proof chemical weld joint in pipe with fittings, clean the joining surfaces prior to solvent application.

Also, remove extra solvent after joint assembly and allow the joint to settle for at least 12 hours or read the instructions on leaflet provided.

It is recommended for potable water piping as well as pressurized pipes and It can withstand temperature upto 82°C making it useful in a wide range of applications and industries.

Plumbers across India and UAE prefer Disha CPVC Solvent cement due to its affordability, quality and availability in various packs.

Available Sizes
Tin Tube
50ml 10ml
118ml 25ml with dauber
237ml 50ml with dauber


Kindly talk to our Sales Team for finding the right solvent cement for your application.